Project: Learning:

“Project: Learning:” is a not-for-profit education focused mission by MathSecret Education Foundation.

“Project: Learning:” understands education is important and knowledge will enhance individual lives. In reality, it is simply difficult to educate effectively and cost for education is a serious problem in many parts of the world.

“Project: Learning:” focuses on efficient education via internet. MathSecret are ready to help your not-for-profit education oriented organization in reaching more students worldwide. Whether you are teaching math, science, language arts, music, or art, as long as it is in the focus of enhancing lives of general public, we can help! ¬†MathSecret has the internet servers and programs coded to help you teach and monitor student learning progress; empowering you to reach more pupil beyond your physical travel distance.

“Project: Learning:” is available at no cost to your not-for-profit education oriented organization. To find out more, please contact us via the floating contact button.